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Why should you hire a consultant?

The simple response is there is a lot of sellers out there looking to make a buck on "potential", up-sell you, make a sale off your emotions, get rid of their unsound or behaviorally-challenged horse, or offload the vet care onto an unsuspecting buyer. There are many, many, many horses sold that do not meet basic training requirements and are not suited to beginner and intermediate riders of any age, which absolutely will lead to problems in the future. 


Some people consciously make the decision to deceive others, and some people unintentionally do it due to lack of education on their horse themselves. Regardless of the reason, it's very easy to fall into traps, misinformation, and stories without meaning to and before you know it you're trailering your new horse away.

When you work with someone who specializes in working with beginner and intermediate horse owners, riders, and buyers you can expect to work with someone who knows the in's and out's of the industry, can really pinpoint what you're looking for, find horses to meet that criteria, and educate you with realistic expectations and truths on each horse to save you future stress. You're working with someone who maintains neutrality in the horse world but keeps your best interests and needs at the forefront.


The process of finding, inquiring, demo-ing, evaluating, and considering a long or short term partner can really be exhausting! Contracts, travel and health documents, pre purchase exams, choosing a facility, and transportation can all feel overwhelming as well! If things are over looked, including our gut instincts, and we purchase the wrong horse we can often expect complicated and even costly matters down the road with our new equine partner. The last thing I want for any of my clients is a horse they become fearful or frustrated with; an investment they can't ride; and a loss in confidence and passion for the sport as well. 


Hiring a consultant is hiring someone to support you so the process is enjoyable, purchase is made with confidence, and you are able to fully enjoy your new equine partner!

When you hire a consultant, you're hiring someone with the experience and knowledge necessary to:

  • Find you the BEST equine investment within any budget

  • Translate ad's, videos, and photos in a way that pulls out all the hidden information and details to best evaluate a horse from the start

  • Objectively evaluate the match potential based on your needs and requests and give you valuable information on what to expect from ownership of each horse looked at

  • Evaluate the owners/sellers themselves for red flags and other concerns

  • Helping you stay neutrally grounded in otherwise emotionally charged moments

  • Talk in depth with sellers to get the full picture of the horse

  • Answer your questions to help advise you on the best horse for you 

  • Recommend any necessary pre purchase vet and farrier exams, staying within your budget

  • Support you in every and any way you need throughout the process to set you up for success!

  • No up-selling of horses! I work off a fixed price leaving the focus on you and your true needs!

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