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Purchase Focused Consulting

Whether you need help in one part of your journey or would like assistance throughout, I am here to help to any extent needed, no matter where in the States that you or a horse live!

Other Consulting

I also offer consultations on tack, trailers, and saddles; equine care; feed and supplement products; current horse/rider compatibility;  unbiased trainer and boarding 

facility recommendations; and barn/stable evaluation, design and upgrading

Are you new to horses or the horse buying world? Then you might already know that finding and buying a horse can quickly become a complicated, confusing, frustrating, and nerve-racking mess, BUT it doesn't have to be! I am able to assist and educate you throughout the entire horse buying experience so you can make the most informed decisions on buying a safe, sound, and appropriate equine partner while having fun throughout this exciting endeavor. 

Already have a horse but needing help with other equine related topics? I am here for you! Take a look below at all I offer!



Allie started her equine career as a wrangler, working to evaluate and pair up guests with appropriate mounts for their riding vacations while taking them out for safe and exhilarating rides. Throughout the week she would check in with the rider to see if they were satisfied and change horses out based on their needs when possible. 


From there she moved into working for and eventually managing equine rescues and therapeutic riding centers. Her time spent at the rescues focused heavily on evaluating horses during intake to assess their nutritional, medical, and behavioral needs and concerns, training levels and limitations, and develop their transformative plans to become adoptable. Once adoptable, she began her matchmaking process that would set riders and horses up for the most successful, long term partnership possible, while offering support and realistic, honest advice along the way.


She later moved away from the rescue world to work for top level trainers and clinicians.

There she gained an even deeper insight into:

  • common holes in horse training

  • breed specific traits, movements, and behaviors

  • a wide spectrum of behavioral issues

  • rider fears and skill levels 

  • problem solving techniques for under saddle and on the ground

  • tack and saddle design and fit

  • horse and horse/rider evaluation


She also developed a more comprehensive understanding of the tips, tricks, and methods people use to sell horses, as well as how emotions can get in the way of picking the best horse for the rider. 

Speckled throughout her horse career she ran a small boarding and training facility, trained a mustang for the Extreme Mustang Makeover (did not show due to non-horse related injury), seasonally wrangled for a world class ranch, and gave beginner and intermediate arena and trail lessons where she lived locally. 


Throughout Allie's experiences she's formed a unique perspective of how incredibly fun horse ownership and riding should be. She has seen for herself first hand what the horse selling and buying world really is, and knows the tips and tricks necessary to successfully navigate through horse flippers, backyard trainers, and casual owners. She works hard to bring all the unknowns to light for you, the buyer. 

She currently resides in Durango, CO where she is offers her horse-related services both locally and nationally. She focuses on helping western riders of all ages and riding levels find and purchase their perfect match, while also helping them gain any knowledge needed to become comfortable and confident horse owners. 


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