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Other Consultation Services

Post Purchase Consulting: $50/hour; does not include travel fees outside of Santa Fe

All consulting includes helping you find the following products for your horse either online or in person:

  • Saddle and tack needs

  • Grooming, barn, and blanket supplies

  • Nutritional needs and hay

  • Finding and meeting with equine services for you in your area (vets, farrier, boarding facilities, saddle fitters, alternative therapies)

As a reminder, your horse has just had quite the large change in it's life! It's now in a new environment, has different feed, experiences different sounds and smells, and likely has different tack and a different exercise regime. It's expected to see behavioral and training issues surface once you bring it to it's new home and begin your journey together. Don't be discouraged! Lesson information can be found here!

Horse Sale Consulting: 

Have a horse you need sold, or are currently selling a horse but not getting any bites? We can work together to properly evaluate your horse and create a professional, all inclusive sale ad with video for potential buyers! I am also happy to be there to meet with potential buyers, help you answer any questions they have, and facilitate a good match for your horse and easy ownership transition. 

  • Sale ad on multiple sites, no video: $50, paid ad fee's not included

  • Sale ad on multiple sites with edited video: $150, paid ad fee's not included

  • Support owner through entire sale, talk and meet with buyers, attend demo rides and other equine service visits (i.e., pre purchase veterinary exams), help facilitate sale paperwork- 15% of final horse sale, travel fees outside Santa Fe not included

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