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Located 10 minutes north of downtown Durango in the stunning Animas Valley is our year-round 100'x200' outdoor arena.

We are a Western riding focused barn that is not discipline specific (ie: reining, roping, cows, ranch versatility, western dressage, barrels, etc) but instead focuses on building confidence, skills, and technique through education and fun so you develop the solid riding foundation needed to go in any direction you choose.


Facility Amenities:

  • Temperature controlled barn and stall space

  • Lighted arena coming this summer

  • Hot and cold drinks available (coffee, teas, water, etc)

  • Bathroom on-site

  • Tack storage available



$65/hour with $30/30min add ons available for any lessons listed below:

  • Riding (Arena or Trail)

  • Horsemanship

  • Horse Ownership

$60/hour college students with a current student ID


  • 5 lessons for $300 (good for 3 months)

  • 10 lessons for $585 (good for 5 months)

  • 4 lesson College Student pack for $230 

Lesson Types


  • Arena: No matter if you are a beginner or not, every lesson will be tailored to where you and the horse are that day. I feel that flexibility is important and don't hold to a strict and rigid lesson format, so if something pops up you would like to learn or have questions about, we can switch directions! I enjoy working with obstacles, poles, cones, soccer balls, and other common arena props. I find it's a great way to encourage confidence building and fun as we work on learning to maneuver different zones of our horse through different gaits. I also focus on safety where you'll learn how to identify horses behaviors and thoughts, safely "fall off" your horse, learn how to think clearly in emergency situations, and execute an emergency stop with your horse!

    • Depending on what we are focusing on, obstacles may not be a part of our lesson, and we may even work on positioning, rein management, balance, and feel first on the ground before getting on our horse.

  • Trail: **Availability dependent on trail conditions** Not much of an arena person? Want to get into trail riding but don't know where to start? Need to work on trail issues? There is so much we can do out on the trails to teach the same body controls and softness we would in the arena. Plus we can work on desensitizing using a wide variety of common trail obstacles as well. On site we have a pond that can be used for swimming horses in, with access to the river, pasture, and some smaller trail systems for additional practice space. Should you want to trailer out, we can do so but mileage and trailering time is additional. 


These hour long sessions will help you gain the knowledge and practice needed to confidently catch, halter, groom, and tack up your horse followed by warm ups, riding education, and a cool down before untacking. These are all encompassing sessions geared at developing independence in interacting with your horse and creating more connected space. 

  • New to horses or consider yourself a beginner? That's totally fine! We all start at the beginning! Breaking into the horse world can be intimidating, but I am here to help make it a fun, safe, judgement free place to explore becoming a part of. I will introduce you to behavioral cues, safety, common tools of the trade, verbiage, horse care, haltering, grooming, and more. Our ultimate goal is to have you safely and confidently interacting with horses, setting boundaries, and feeling comfortable enough to independently work with them. 

Horse Ownership:

There is SO much to learn when getting a new horse or bringing one to your own property for the first time. Horse ownership lessons are a necessity in prepping you to be as successful as possible in your new adventure.


I offer educational consulting on:

  • Feeding and nutrition recommendations for your horse

  • How to navigate hay purchasing (calculating bale amounts, forage types, finding brokers, storage)

  • Maintenance and care of your equine

  • Budgeting (emergency and monthly)

  • Equine service provider selections (vet, farrier, boarding facilities, alternative treatment options, trainers in your area or specific to your discipline, etc)

  • Lameness and medical awareness so you can recognize when your horse needs help and the first steps to take in different situations

  • Tack room, barn setup, and design for functionality and aesthetics

  • Tack- bits, bridles, pads, saddles, blankets, boots, etc

  • Fencing, arena, and lightning needs

  • Horse trailers

Click icon to download Rider Registration Packet! 

Email filled out form back to us or bring with you to the first lesson

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