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Recommended Products

The equine industry is FULL of products from the tried and "true" old school to the higher tech and newly developed. Here you'll find my own recommendations based on personal experience and research from myself or trusted professional trainers. Have questions on a product not listed? Send me a message!

Tack- Rope, Leather, Saddles, Bits

An educational breakdown of tack-from what's necessary to what isn't; proper fit in the western riding world; insight into terminology; and my favorite brands and products

Western Wear

Western wear to fit all budgets. Here's a breakdown of fit, style, durability, and what my personal must have's are

Hay Barrels
Nutritional Products

Information on basic horse nutritional needs, what to ask hay sellers, what to look for and avoid in products, and a list of my go to's 


A look at various styles with their pro's and con's, plus what to look at when buying a trailer, what to avoid, and favorited brands in the industry


Entering into a new sport means learning a new set of terms to go with it. It's never ending but here is an on-going list of the most common verbiage out there

Equine Services

From farrier and chiropractic services to trainers, boarding facilities, and alternative care practices- some advice on what to look for, general price ranges, and basic requirements for each one

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