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I have loved every moment of working with my clients and am so grateful for their support, perseverance, dedication, and passion to finding their horse! If you're curious what they have to say, please take a look below! 


"With only a couple handful of trail rides with friends under my belt, when I ventured into the horse buying world I had no idea the road I had ahead of me. Entering the scary world of "horse shopping" was not something I was prepared for and one that was completely overwhelming. I didn't have enough knowledge on what to look for in a horse, how to find a reputable seller and just lacked basic horse 101. I had a few friends guiding me through the process, what to ask sellers, etc. but it just wasn't enough. A close friend referred me to Allie, and I could not be more thankful!!

Allie has so much knowledge in this field and I was astounded (and quite frankly overwhelmed) by all the information she shared with me. She asked me in depth what I wanted in a horse (age, color, height, etc), what I plan on doing in the present and the future. I honestly didn't even know how to answer these questions but she worked with me to help me figure out these answers. She accompanied me to see all the horses that fit my criteria (over an hour drive away!) and assisted me in figuring out if they were the right fit. I could not be happier with all her support in helping me find my heart horse, as I know this would've been nearly impossible without her. Even after the searching process she was available to train both me and Luna. I am still pretty green in horse ownership, however I now feel more confident in riding and handling my horse because of Allie's assistance! I would highly recommend anyone who is (especially) new or has been in the horse world to Allie! She is so knowledgeable and has so much experience with horses and will tell you how it is - without any bias! Truly a gem!"

Somie C. , New Mexico

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