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Meet Our Horses

Chewy is a 16 year old, stocky, red dun mustang gelding out of Nevada. He's been a part of the team for 10 years now and has been around a little bit of everything. He excels on the trails where he gets to explore while carefully carrying his rider around the roughest of terrains. And in the arena he's just as steadfast and considerate in taking the utmost care of his riders. He's carried kids, beginners, professional trainers, and amateur riders around many different hills, arroyos, pastures, and arenas throughout the country. He's competed in many American Competitive Trail Horse Association competitions and taken home several 1st and second place ribbons in both arena and trail. He's loved by everyone for his quirky personality and gentle soul. His favorite things are bananas and carrots, pushing giant soccer balls around, and splashing in water troughs until they are empty. 

Mowgli is a 9 year old, sooty buckskin horse out of California. He's been a part of the team for 4 years and we are all convinced he's a trickster being trapped in a horses body. He's extraordinarily social and comes running when called. He excels at encouraging those around him to hold strong boundaries while giving them the confidence needed to learn to ride. He's been in parades, worked bison, helped take trash cans up the driveway, set up Christmas decor while acting as a ladder, climbed all over the mountains, and worked hard in the arena to advance his own skills. While he's not competed, he's carried around many beginner to intermediate riders and his natural inclination to be slower paced and unfazed by any chaotic or surprising environment keeps them at ease. His canter is smooth as butter and he's a wonderful horse to learn on. His favorite things are being with people doing whatever they are doing, especially barn chores

Tilly Vanilly is a 6 year old, bay mustang out of the Cold Springs HMA in Oregon. She was started under saddle by Davis Performance Horses where she competed in a mustang focused, spade filly snaffle bit futurity. From there she went on to hone her reining/cow horse skills further with the same trainer, while also doing a lot of cattle and bison ranching work. She rode in the Rose Bowl parade, competed in invitation only mustang events in Fort Worth, and has traveled around to clinics as a demo horse. She's a sweet and sensitive soul with a lot of heart for performance. Because she has so many buttons and is so sensitive to the riders energy, she is currently best suited for intermediate to advanced riders. If you're wanting or ready to learn more advanced skills (walk/trot/cantering squares, counter cantering, lead changes, spins, etc), she is the horse to do so on! Her favorite things are treats and hay, splashing around in water, and any moment hanging with Chewy. 

We are currently looking for another lesson horse to add to our herd. If you are interested in leasing or selling your horse into a private lesson space, please contact us! We are looking for sound, safe horses 14.2hh+, ages 7-17, prefer geldings, must be kid and beginner friendly, and have western riding experience.

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